Supplier Collections


PO Collections

We understand payment terms are set with customers and disputes may occur. PAIDPO has worked with common contractor disputes and will act on your behalf. We locate lost customers when required. In cases where customers have breached your set payment terms we will provide diligent billing and follow-up within days of late payment via demand letters and collection calls. If disputes result in deductions required by your company, we will approve all settlements before any transaction is complete. Our goal will always be to retain a positive outcome with your customers. Hardship accounts will be given an option to negotiate payments, but only after we verify that they do not have the ability to pay-in-full. If accounts cannot be brought up-to-date, PAIDPO will begin Legal Debt Collection activity, where we notify customers of the legal consequences if a resolution cannot be achieved.


Service Highlights



  • No Upfront Cost
  • Locate Missing Builders and Contrators
  • Demand Letters
  • Collection Calls
  • Negotiated Settlements
  • Structured Payment Plans and Follow-up



Resolve Agreements